On September 30th, Zack was driving when a speeding car lost control, jumped the median, and hit Zack's car resulting in his untimely passing.

Zack joined PulseTV when he was just a 16-year-old in high school and worked with us for 15 years. He loved movies and wanted to be involved with all things video.

Since 2011, many of our customers have come to know him as one of the faces of PulseTV in our product demonstration videos. He only left the PulseTV family for a position to better support his growing family. We regularly remained in touch with Zack after he left.

Our vendors knew him as a fun-loving guy with a heart of gold who was the life of any party. He was well-read in many topics and loved to learn. He wrote screenplays, played video games, and enjoyed the outdoors in his free time.

He was the ultimate family man, leaving behind his wife and 4 children.

If you have fond memories of Zack and want to leave a note, we plan on reprinting the pages and binding them to give to his family.

ABC News Coverage
Donate to His Family’s GoFundMe Here
The Best of Zack Video Playlist

In loving memory,
The PulseTV Family

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Comments & Memories
Happened to stumble on this page after scrolling the About Us. Sorry to hear about his passing and the devastating impact it has on his family (being approximately the same age group and point-in-life). An occasional customer from NY
I miss him! He was a nice guy! So good to see you still use promotional materials with Zack's pic!!!!!He just seemed like the Best guy out there!!!!Micky L.
Was doing some email spring cleaning and realized I had not seen this sad news. When I saw Zak's name in the pulse headline email, my heart sank. Zack was a favorite presenter of mine at Pulse......Always with a great sense of humor......... I would usually be chuckling while watching many of his presentations. You could tell he was sharp. My heart goes out to his beautiful family, children, and wife. Bless you all.
Dear Pulse TV family.I am sooo sorry to hear of Zack's passing. Tho I never knew him in person, I feel like I knew him in personality. He was upbeat, kind and engaged with life. My deepest condolences go to his family who will surely struggle and miss him greatly. I send my best wishes for his family and encourage anyone who can to help with their go fund me. Blessings to you all.
OMGMy condolences to his family.RIP
I am so sorry for his loss to his family and to PulseTV. I did not hear about this at the time. I hope his family is doing well.
I watched him grow up as I watched all the videos that featured him. His warmth and genuine kindness came through his videos. I feel like I knew him personally. I’m so saddened by the loss of such a good person. I lost my wife at the age of 21 and I can understand how much this hurts for all those lives he had touched. Much sympathy to the family.
Horrible accident - prayers for his family and friends - you are missed.
To Zack's family and friends. My heart goes out to all of you and you all are in my prayers. Love to all.
Sorry to hear of Zack's passing. He will be missed by many. I lost my daughter at the age of 18 so I've experienced loss too. I wish you and your children the best . Things will get better. It just takes time. God Bless you all. Leon Lasher " Lee "
So sorry for your loss. Zach was such a nice person even though I never personally met him. I would watch and listen to him describe different gadgets, tools, Christmas hats, etc. on you tube. He was great at explaining how to use different products. I actually saved a few to help me remember how to use the product. He was a kind honest soul and will be missed. Sending prayers to his wife and children. He will always be in my heart.
I will miss watching zachs videos,he just seems like a nice guy,one you would like to hang around with and call a friend.our heart goes out to his family and work family. : )
So sad to read this sad news about Zack. Always enjoyed the way he explained the products that were placed for sale and his delivery was just like chatting with a friend. My condolences to his family, may he rest in peace.
Such a shock to hear this. I enjoyed watching his videos and he had a way of explaining the product in so detail that he could make anyone buy it. Though I never met him he seemed so genuine. RIP Zack.
RIP Zach. My condolences to your family